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Fireplace FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do any of the rock work or framing on installs?

No, we provide the firebox, all materials needed to run the flue piping and the installation. All the framing and finishing is up to the homeowner/builder/contractor to handle.

Do you run the gas lines for gas fireplaces/logs?

No, we don’t run and install gas lines to fireplaces, but we can recommend great local companies that do. Once the line is ran, we will connect it to your firebox as part of our installation.

What is the difference between a direct-vent and vent-free fireplace?

A vent free has no venting to the exterior of the home, while the direct vent is vented to the exterior with a flue.

Which is more efficient, a vent-free or a direct-vent?

A vent-free is essentially 99% efficient, while a direct-vent, depending on the unit, is roughly 75% efficient.

Which is cleaner, a vent-free or direct-vent?

A direct vent, being a sealed unit vented to the exterior, eliminates the possibility of any fumes or possible contaminants from the unit, being released to the interior of your home. Also, the direct-vent units are only recommended to be serviced/cleaned every other year, while the vent-free units require service/cleaning a minimum of 1 time per year.

Can you smell a vent-free?

With vent-free, you get what you pay for. The higher end units are more efficient at burning the gas at a cleaner rate than the “cheap” log sets. However, about 1% of people in our experience, can smell them. Regular service/cleaning plays a major part in the operation of the log set. Most of the time, those that complain of a smell, are not smelling the unit itself, they are actually smelling the dust, pet hair, etc. that built up in the firebox and is burning off. With proper service/cleaning, the problem resolves itself.

Can I put gas logs in my wood-burning fireplace?

As long as your fireplace is rated for gas logs, the answer is YES! With the majority of wood-burning fireplaces, as long as your chimney passes inspection, we can install gas logs. According to code, any time you change fuel types, you must have a level 2 chimney inspection completed.

What is the difference between vented gas logs and vent-free gas logs?

Vented gas logs can only be installed in a vented firebox, with the flue remaining open during operation. The vent-free gas logs can be installed in a vented or vent-free firebox, with the damper closed (lets heat into the room), or the damper open (heat goes up the chimney and out of the house).

Can I install a vent-free in my bedroom?

No, in the state of North Carolina, a vent-free firebox can NOT be installed in a bedroom. It must be a vented or electric fireplace.

Does your company do flue inspections?

No, we are not level 2 certified. However, we have several chimney sweeps that we can recommend.

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